Talent Knows No Age!!!!!!

IMG_4208 (400 x 600)Santosh Verma, a civil engineer turned grand old actress has made her identity as a favorite  Indian grandmother in Australian films.

In the second innings of life where most of the people lose hope and feel valueless, Santosh Verma has carved a niche for herself in the films.

The veteran artist has played grandmother in Felony, The Corner Stone and  Love You Krishna and has got acclamations from the viewers.

Santosh tries to justify every role she gets in her new found film career. She makes her characters live as a very capable mother, a helpful mother-in-law and a very loveable grandmother.

Basically from Delhi, Santosh moved to Australia in 1995 to visit her sons here and later made up her mind to stay with her grandchildren and  family.

Back in India, she used to work as a Civil Engineer in CPWD, Delhi. After moving to Australia, she experimented with many things. She did courses in computers and nursing. She, in fact worked as a nurse in a Nursing Home. It was by chance that she tried her luck with acting and that brought her to limelight.

Only after working in three movies in Australia, Santosh Verma has won the hearts of thousands of her fans. She has become the favourite Indian grandmother in Australian based films, projecting Indian characters.

Other than this, Verma had also worked in two stage productions, ‘Kitty has gone missing’, where she played   the role of a mother (Beiji) and  recently she played the role of  Vivekananda’s mother in Sankaran Logan’s ‘Skeptic to believer’ in Vedanta Festival.



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