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The latest production of World Pictures Australia, My Cornerstone is a story based on a wealthy Indian family settled in Australia. Produced and directed by Stenley Joseph, the movie showcases the various facets of living style in abroad and also portrays the diverse realities and possibilities which include the hardships while living as a nuclear family away from relatives.

My Cornerstone tells the story of beautiful Indian nurse, Adina David (Zenia Starr), who escapes a life of torture and abuse and secures a healthcare position in Australia through an employment agent in Bangalore.

As soon as she arrives in Sydney, the young nurse is placed in the household of the Pintos, a wealthy Indian-Australian family. Adina’s given the task of caring for Lydia Pinto (Santosh Verma) an elderly stroke victim. Lydia’s feisty daughter-in-law, Miriam Pinto (Savita Starr), drives Adina hard and treats her like a slave. An East-West type of clash immediately occurs between the two women as although both are Indians, Miriam is Australian-born and feels superior to anyone born in India.

The Pinto’s are so wrapped up in materialism that they not only let Adina suffer for their ignorance, but their ties as a family. Just when emotions are running high and everything seems unresolvable, their enigmatic new neighbour, Chris (James Morcan), appears and gathers quite a reputation. His presence opens up a new mystery and leaves everyone thinking ‘Who is this guy?’


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